About idioma

35 years of translation excellence

idioma® was established in Japan in 1980 by a Swedish entrepreneur, Joel Brynte. Over the years we have integrated the perseverant attitude and need for constant improvement of the Japanese culture - "Kaizen" - in everything we do. This approach has been highly successful and the company has developed into a multinational innovative operation.

A language factory

From our production center in Prague, right in the center of Europe, we offer our services to clients around the world. We have created a cost-efficient production system for multi-language documents thanks to innovative solutions and exclusive native, human translators. This enables us to offer high quality translation and quick turn-around in over 70 languages and more than 5,000 language pairs.

Competitive pricing and no minimum fees

With a worldwide customer base and innovative technologies, we have developed a volume of scale that is hard to match. Thanks to this, we can trim costs in production – savings that we pass on to all our clients. Try our Mini Express translation service available at Stream and pay only for the word volume you order. If you order, say, 5 words, you pay only for 5 words.

Unparalleled efficiency

Automation and innovation is a clear goal in everything we do. Since our inception, we have always strived to make things work better and faster. This has resulted in a lean production system where increasingly shorter deadlines have become possible thanks to continuous improvements. A perfect example is our Stream Translation API that makes translation of web content a breeze since you can use the API to order translation of text from right inside your website server.

Speed and quality

We have combined our iQube translation platform with automated, compulsory QA, and we guarantee a completely different quality dimension on your translation projects even when working with large volumes and short deadlines. Every project we handle is translated by one native translator and verified by a second native translator. For short delivery terms, we can set up translator teams to handle your projects.

Brief history

idioma was established in Tokyo, Japan. Our first clients were in the audio and video industry.

As a result of growing volumes, we set up an overseas production office in Europe to increase our supplier base.

With the advent of the EU and open markets, we inaugurated an office in Brussels, Belgium.

We had early visions of East Europe and a lower cost base. As a result we reorganized our European operations to create a production center in Prague, Czech Republic, right in the center of Europe.

Introduction of our Traffic Control system (TC), an Intranet solution that enables all our offices to manage and monitor projects from anywhere in the world.

With the fast development in computers and hardware, we started to invest in in-house development, employing our own programmers.

Introduction of CrossCheck®, an online service that allows users to perform Quality Assurance of translated text against the original text.

Launch of our iQube translation platform (compatible with most existing TM systems) to drastically boost translation volumes and reduce lead times while at the same time taking Quality Assurance to a completely new level.

Launch of improved Stream estimator – a 24/7 online service providing free translation estimates, including fuzzy matching when individual TMs are uploaded. Stream is the best choice for overseas clients in different time zones.

Release of Stream Translation API for accessing idioma’s translation services from website servers to localize content into one or more languages.

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