Continuous care

Our care for your project starts even before your order thanks to our creation and maintenance of glossaries as well as translation memories and other resources. And our care continues after final delivery, by providing free online QA and Q&A services CrossCheck® and Ask!.

Text amendments

Our systems are geared to handle changes and amendments to text you need to publish (or when you want to adapt your texts to suit local markets, but still need to confirm the end result). We routinely handle such requests and deliver them in record time to prevent delays.

Maintenance of translation memories

While working with translation memories brings an efficiency boost to the translation process, these memories need to be maintained to ensure the content and its quality is error-free. We help clients with checking translation memories, updating text segments and run formal checks on them, including checking that sentences and terminology are unified. This helps to detect inconsistencies and other errors, and you need not worry about the state of your translated content.

Helpful reports

Since our iQube translation platform has been developed in-house, we have also introduced some unique reporting means to deliver vital information to you in our final delivery of a project. These reports include information on text segments that are not consistent, e.g. due to different context, use and non-use of glossaries, changes made in 100% fuzzy matches, etc.

Cooperating with distributors

Many clients request that we cooperate with their overseas distributors to verify whether text content is suitable for local markets. This is yet another aspect of our aftercare services. To learn more, please contact our project managers.

Use our free Ask! application

Ask! is a service concept we offer to clients to handle questions and other issues related to translations and localization in an organized way. The service can be used to question and comment content in your translated documents, or to simply request additions and amendments in a completed delivery. With Ask!, you can quickly enter questions and submit them for detailed replies by a native idioma translator. It replaces messy email messages and phone calls to offer a systematic way of tracking issues relating to completed translations.

Enjoy idioma aftercare

To save time and money, we work with translation memories and can reuse text from previous projects when we translate new ones. Additionally our systems are fully compatible with most common TM formats, such as Trados, Transit, MemoQ, etc.

Place your query in an organized way online and for free with Ask!.

Use CrossCheck® online to check the quality of existing bilingual documents at no charge to you.

Part of our aftercare also involves being able to promptly help you with last-minute additions. Our express translation service is available online for assistance by professional translators of small text volumes within a few hours. The service supports over 70 languages and 5000+ language pairs and we only charge you by the word without any minimum or start-up fees.

Using our Term Grabber tools, we can prepare glossaries for your projects, starting with picking the necessary source terms and then completing them by adding the correct translation of the terms (read more).

All projects are handled by project managers who ensure your projects are delivered on time. After a project is closed, we continue to serve clients with help such as text additions, corrections and amendments.

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