Our philosophy

Efficient production system

For more than 35 years, we have constantly invested in new technologies and programming efforts, which together have created an innovative and efficient production system for translation of texts into many different languages. Quality, Cost and Speed are the three main factors to consider in the translation process. While emphasizing Quality, our focus in our development efforts has been to reduce Cost and increase Speed.

Prague production center

Since most of the languages we work in are European, we operate a production center in Prague, Czech Republic, right in the middle of Europe. Here projects are prepared, continuously tracked, and finalized. We work with more than 2,000 translators across the world, and use smart tools that boost efficiency. Also, a full-scale DTP department handles requests for layout work and deal with file conversion issues.

idioma world

The heart of our 24/7 production system is our idioma world platform that controls all aspects of every project we handle. The idioma world server is tightly interlinked with iQube, our web-based translation platform on which all our translators and verifiers work on-line.

Investing in R&D

Since several years back, we employ software developers in-house to improve existing system and develop new ones. Instead of investing in often expensive commercial solutions, undertaking software development ourselves has allowed us to tailor solutions to fit our needs – and those of our clients. This has proven a successful move that has resulted in several stand-alone solutions to promote our business.

Clear benefits

with added value services thanks to our efficient production systems.

Online free instant estimates of word counts, delivery time and cost.

Strict Quality Assurance procedures to perfect your final product.

Quick turn-around thanks to our computerized project management system.

All projects handled by dedicated project managers with full customer support.

Exclusive native translators trained to meet your detailed specifications.

Follow-up and aftercare on all projects for questions and amendments.

For data security, our translators work locally against our translation servers where client data is stored safely. Also all translators work on exclusive contracts and are bound by professional secrecy.

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