Specialist translators

Our translators are linguists with long experience, an eye for detail and specialization in specific fields.

Project preparation

Upon the start of a new project, our project managers query client history to find matching documents from which we can reuse text, copy instructions and apply preferred style sheets. We learn from all your projects and you save time on not having to send standard instructions over and over again.

Compulsory proofreading

All translated text is proofread by a second native professional to further guarantee quality.

Customizable style guides

We offer our clients the opportunity to create specific writing rules and conditions for the text we translate. Because these rules and conditions are loaded into the iQube translation platform together with the actual text that is translated, the translators and reviewers see them whenever they apply to a segment, while the built-in QA system checks that translated text respects the rules.

Layout checking

As an additional quality safeguard, we employ a team of layout checkers that verify final printouts before delivery.

Meeting standards

Our services and deliveries conform to the European DIN CERTCO / DIN EN ISO 17100 standard. We can also deliver documentation in accordance with metric-based quality systems, such as the J2450, developed by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) in the United States. As further proof of our professional standing, we are a member of several prominent translation associations, such as:

idioma is registered with DIN CERTCO and performs all services in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17100 standard.
  • ATA - American Translators Association
  • ATC - Association of Translation Companies
  • JTCA - Japan Technical Communicators Association
  • JTF - Japan Translation Federation, etc.

Proactive quality assurance

We enforce QA related checks on our translation platform (iQube) that our translators and verifiers work with. All assignments are subjected to 3-fold Quality Assurance: by the translator, by the verifier and by dedicated QA staff employed in-house.
Among others, we check every translated segment for:

  • Correct numbers
  • Correct use of glossary entries
  • Correct use of punctuation and symbols
  • Missing text, superfluous text
  • Missing, superfluous tags
  • Source leftovers
  • Forbidden words
  • Opposite meaning
  • Many, many more...

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