DTP files updates without TM

If the DTP document you need to translate is an update of an old version, you do not need to translate and perform DTP work of everything all over again.

NextDoc - DTP files updates for foreign languages

NextDoc - DTP files updates for foreign languages

Save time and money on text reuse

No translation memory needed
NextDoc differs from standard translation memory tools by only using final DTP documents instead of a Translation Memory (TM).

Clear mark-up of text updates
NextDoc simply merges newly translated text segments into reused DTP text, and delivers a marked-up DTP version to you together with translated new text to complete your new, translated DTP document.

Full control over translation resources
You pay only for translation of the new text plus a modest fee for text reuse. Best of all, you have all the resources in your hands all the time for maximum control.

Export of translation updates into translation memory
As an added benefit, after a project is finished all newly translated text and changes can be saved separately, so you can add it to your existing translation memory, such as TMX, Xliff, and Trados TM.

Instant online estimates of text reuse
The NextDoc solution is available online 24/7 so you can request free estimates as often as you want (even anonymously). Simply upload your updated and old DTP documents and we’ll give you a free estimate of how much text from the old version can be reused and how much of the new text needs translation. NextDoc can also use your Glossaries and Style Sheets for the translation task.
You can also contact one of our project managers and request the same estimates and get an opportunity to discuss issues of concern to you, if you prefer.

Why to update files without translation memory

  • It eliminates the risk of re-using outdated text, as NextDoc uses only the latest DTP data. Using only the DTP data ensures that any last-minute corrections done on the final DTP documents are always included. Such corrections are usually missing in translation memories.
  • Reusable text will stay untouched, thus saving you time and money on DTP adjustments and proofreading as NextDoc keeps text and its formatting exactly the same.
  • You do not need to rely on expensive translation memory products and all the maintenance that comes with it. Instead you enjoy quick, convenient production that relies only on the documents you have in your hands.

Choose from various service levels

There are three service levels of how to use and benefit from NextDoc:

  • FULL – Request idioma to handle the full process of translation & marking of DTP files
  • MARKING – Request marking of target DTP documents together with a Translation document, you handle translation yourself
  • FREE COMPARISON – Get a free report online of how many words are new, and how many were deleted in your new DTP files compared to the old DTP files.







because only the DTP data with last-minute corrections done on the final DTP documents is used; such corrections are usually missing in translation memories.
detects what is different between your old and new DTP file(s).
since the layout is taken over when you update your files.
since your final document is an update of your old translated and approved document.
NextDoc - Marking the changes

NextDoc - Marking the changes

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