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The heart of our 24/7 production system

idioma world – our Traffic Control (TC) platform - controls all aspects of every project we handle. It is closely interlinked with iQube, our web-based translation platform on which all translators and verifiers work on-line. idioma world has been developed in-house to manage localization projects. The system keeps track of all project details, including individual project steps. It includes a portal where you can request estimates and approve them to order projects for translation. You can track on-going projects, who is the translator and reviewer, and easily see the progress of translation in terms of percent ready. This is useful for you to assure that delivery will be on time, especially when deadlines are tight.
idioma world

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Your idioma world client account can be set up for multiple contact persons, and depending on the user rights, each person can use the various convenient integrated solutions, such as:

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Automatic project management

idioma world is used by our project managers in Europe and Japan to monitor projects in real time. Once a project has been created, the system loads documents into iQube, distributes access keys to translators and reviewers, and it makes sure no one falls behind deadlines. As the different project steps are completed, idioma world automatically advances tasks from one person to another, e.g. the handover from translator to reviewer. Once all tasks in a project are finished, the system informs the project manager that the documents are ready for delivery.

Convenient error warnings

While processing tasks, idioma world also warns project managers if it detects anomalies, e.g. if progress on a task is too slow or too fast, if files are corrupt, glossaries or style guides are not respected, etc. This allows project managers to pay close attention and care for your projects, while it improves efficiency.

SSL secured

As an intranet solution, idioma world – and also iQube – has built in https encryption/decryption with SSL certificates to ensure data is safe and cannot be sniffed or hacked. Since original files remain on the iQube platform servers, they are not distributed to translators and reviewers around the world with the risk of unintentional release. This is your guarantee for your data and documents staying secure.


  • Stream – for online estimates and ordering 24/7
  • Ask! – our free online language inquiry service
  • CrossCheck™ – an online Quality Assurance solution to quickly check translated text for formal issues
where you can upload and download files that are too large to send via e-mail.
with comprehensive records for easy monitoring.
to keep track of your costs. All in one place.
idioma world runs round the clock to serve clients in different time zones. No matter whether you work on a weekend, from home in the evening or on a trip abroad, you can reach your account to monitor projects and access our convenient services at your leisure.

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