Partner Program

What is the idioma Partner Program?

The partner program is a perfect opportunity for you if you know or work with people and companies that have translation needs or if you need help with your own translation projects.

You do not need to have large teams of linguists or support staff in place to supply translation services to your clients. Instead we help you generate a positive revenue flow from which you will benefit. Simply entrust your clients’ projects to idioma and benefit from our vast expertise in the translation industry.

Typical idioma partners?

The idioma Partner Program is a scalable scheme designed to suit the needs of partners from many different types of industries and professions, for example:

  • small-scale or regional translation agencies
  • consulting, advertising, sales or recruiting firms
  • any other companies or individuals who maintain business relationships with clients who have translation or localization needs

typical idioma partners

Online tools and resources for partners

In addition to enjoying full customer and aftercare support by our dedicated project and account managers, our partners can also use a wide range of online tools and resources intended to help them promote our translation services, acquire new clients and support their marketing and sales activities.

Why idioma?

Here are just a few reasons why we believe partnering with us is the right thing to do:

We listen to our clients’ needs and choose the best workflow for every project we undertake. We discuss, advise, communicate and make every attempt to accommodate even the most unusual requests.

We strive to establish strong, lasting relationships with our customers. Our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering service excellence in terms of quality, cost and time.

We create flexible solutions, develop smart technologies and optimize our processes, always staying ahead of the latest industry trends. We tweak and improve every little thing until it works better. For your clients and you.

We care about every project no matter how big or small. Our dedicated project managers stay tuned to every little detail and handle all projects with the utmost care.

We know how to make the difference between good and superior. We have been building this knowledge and experience for 35 years and we still learn every day.

We are happy to share our know-how and expertise with our partners. If you are as passionate and dedicated to achieving high quality as we are, we will be happy to see you on board.

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