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Wherever you turn in daily life, you are bound to come across a field where there is a need to localize text and communicate messages and information in multiple languages. Over our 35 years of working in the language industry, we have come across many different types of people who have teamed up with us to translate content into different languages.

Managing communication

It is important to decide from the outset how the communication should be handled. In a typical case, the agent introduces idioma to an end client as part of all the other services he offers to his client. We then assist with the multi-lingual aspects of the agent’s services, and we establish direct communication with both the client and his overseas contacts and distributors.

Agent web support

Since agents operate as an extended arm of idioma, we offer all agents access to an online account to allow monitoring of current projects, past sales performance, etc. Using these pages, you can immediately identify client activity and act to e.g. boost sales, or sell other languages and services. Usually we immediately accept projects for translation on behalf of the agent, and we keep him/her informed of everything we do from initial estimate to final delivery.

Typical agents

Today we work with agents in many different fields, and while there is not a “typical” agent as such, here are some examples of the people we work with.

  • PR designers
  • Office supply agencies
  • Schools, universities
  • Web developers
  • Accountants
  • Copy shops and quick print outlets

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