X How to develop

How to make profit on translation needs of your own clients?


new multiligual website or simply set up “ready” plug-in

2Let client translate

Let Client start translating his Web Site content

3Get paid

Get paid a commission from every translated word

Read more about Stream API

How to develop

1Create Sandbox Account

The initial development will safely be done inside the protection of the Sandbox.
As registered user, you get:
1) one API key & Secret
2) one Test Client account
3) access to Fake TR Server ™


While developing, use the Complete API documentation and our API Demo Application to learn all details.

2bNot Developer?

Simply install our ready-to-use plugin for WordPress and Drupal system


Feel free to test your new multilingual web site well - on behalf of your Test Client you can order safely, free of charge any sort of translation, and you receive the estimates as well as ready translation in seconds

Create new Sandbox account NOW!

How to release

1Register as Idioma Partner

Upgrade your sandbox account

To get your system alive for your client, first you need register yourself as idioma Partner. As partner, you can register your clients (end users of your solution) and get full access to their accounts.

2Register your Client at idioma

Log in

Through your application, your client will start orderring his translation needs at idioma. You need to register your client as a consumer of idioma, and connect his web site functionality.

3Your multilingual web site
is now ready for release!


Check your Partner account regulary to see the translation volumes of your client and check out your comission!


1Getting started

Start tour

Read this general workflow description first - to save time not folowing the way of tries and mistakes

2API description

View documentation

Find full documentation of all e-Stream API calls, including helpful code examples.

3API demo app

Learn and download

Use our unique Application to get guided step by step through the entire workflow, while seing all possible calls and the responces


Create Sandbox account

The initial development will safely be done inside the protection of the Sandbox. We provide your provate testing API keys, one testing full-functional Client account and a services of fully automated, instant “Fake Translation Server”™

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