• Ask – Language query

    Ask – Language query

    A systematized language Inquiry & Aftercare service concept we offer to clients to handle questions and other issues related to...

  • Glossary creation

    Glossary creation

    A service to build new glossaries from scratch based on existing multilingual documents, or to expand an existing glossary with...

  • Translation memory creation

    Translation memory creation

    A unique service that quickly pairs text segments in your translated and original DTP documents, creating a bilingual memory....

  • Stream Translation API

    Stream Translation API

    A smart and easy method to localize content on your web server into multiple languages (built on an in-house developed...

  • Stream – Translation estimates

    Stream – Translation estimates

    A convenient way to order translation online, 24/7. Free instant estimates of translation cost, word count, and delivery term....

  • Translation & Localization

    Translation & Localization

    70+ languages, exotic language pairs, free instant online estimates, next-day delivery, native translators, 3-person QA process, various supported formats....

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