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We often receive questions on translated content, either what we have produced or that done by others. They relate to spelling, grammar and content issues, and they usually arrive as messy e-mail messages, in MS Word, Excel, annotated PDF files, etc.
To simplify such queries and to make life easier for you and ourselves, we have developed Ask!, which is a unique and speedy language query service.

Online convenience

Go to Ask! and paste text of concern to you in a smart, organized form with predefined questions and a comment area. The questions will then be forward to a native linguist for an expert opinion, and you will have your reply within a matter of hours.

Delivery of replies

We undertake to deliver replies to your questions as soon as possible and with clear answers, including correction of target text and comments if necessary. For your convenience, the delivery includes a detailed html file together with Excel and PDF files with the same content and a .tmx file to update your translation memory.

Open to everyone

We help anyone to answer his or her inquiries. Even if we have not been the originator of translated text, you can still use this service to get speedy replies to language issues of concern to you. Ask! helps clarify issues in more than 70 languages.

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For everybody. Even for those who had their texts translated elsewhere.

by native, expert translators and available online 24/7.

in the delivery package (contains .tmx, .html, .xlsx and .pdf files).

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