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Smart and easy website localization!

Reach more markets and customers by localizing your website into more languages and improve your brand image at the same time. Here at idioma, we have the expertise, qualified human translators, and all the necessary resources to help you with that. With the Stream Translation API, the headache of localizing web sites is gone.

How the Stream Translation API works

  • You write content.
  • We translate text.
  • The Stream Translation API keeps order.

Use the Stream Translation API to flag pieces of content on your site that you want to translate and select the relevant languages. Your site sends this content to us, then we translate and return it to you with corresponding language flags. This creates perfect order and you know at a glance what has – and what has not – been translated. On top, you get perfect control of translation expenses and project tracking right inside your CMS interface.

Free idioma plug-ins - website localization easier than ever!

If you are using WordPress or Drupal, get one of our free plug-ins and start using the Stream API right away. With one of these plug-ins installed, your system is ready to communicate with us to localize text you select into languages you choose.
For other CMS, you can download our API documentation and developer tools. With these, you can easily set up a translation interface yourself. The Stream API is well documented and supported with a free testing ground (so called sandbox) complete with commands and responses for adapting the API to your needs.

Reuse of repeating and similar text

Text in a language that is identical or similar to text you have already translated can be automatically reused. This reduces the cost, naturally shortens the delivery term and improves consistency of your content. Also text from other already translated documents, e.g. manuals and catalogs, can be reused.

Free proofreading before you publish

We want to make sure your translated content is perfect. That is why we have integrated a proofreading process in the localization cycle. Your pre-published content will be reviewed by our native proofreaders exactly as it will appear in its final form so they can correct and comment text and layout errors. If text needs to be adapted, it will be updated on your site automatically. If illustrative material does not fit a certain country or culture, we will tell you about this too.

Uncompromising translation quality

We do not compromise on the high quality of our deliveries. All the quality checks and translation processes that we use in our standard procedures are also applied on text ordered through the Stream Translation API – and the same translation services, Mini Express, Standard and Team Mode, are also available with the addition of built-in Proofreading of published content.

To learn more, please contact us or read more in the documentation about Stream Translation API for developers.

Stream Translation API

How to get it?

By Site Administrator

  • Easily download and install our pre-programmed plug in. There is currently support for two main CMS.

By Developers

  • Use our open API and develop the application tailor-made for your needs. See full detailed API documentation


Services included:

Select what to localize and into which languages among the world’s most common ones. We support 5000+ language combinations.

Translating a web site is easy, but localizing it is another story. With our experience, we help you get locales, such as dates and times, units of measure, currencies, graphics and colors, right to suit different markets.

Translation by one human translator, verification by a second human translator, and internal QA.

Combine the Stream API with our Glossary Creation service to keep key phrases and terminology consistent.

By also translating and even researching your SEO terminology, we can improve the exposure of your multilingual sites to make them easier to find and move higher up in the site rankings.

Our user-friendly platform lets you track translation expenses and delivery schedules right inside your CMS interface..

of translated text, from 4 hours (CET) for small projects to Team mode translation for bigger projects.

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