STEP 1 - Create SANDBOX account

To support your development, we provide a Sandbox testing ground. Inside this closed system, you can test your application without worries that anything is harmed. You can create and order test translation requests, and dummy translations will be served from our Dummy Translation server.

All you need to do to start is to register your email address.

Stream API in Sandbox mode

STEP 2 - Get our Dev tools

When you register for your Sandbox Account in STEP 1, as a developer you receive:

  • An API Key and API Secret.
  • An End User Test Account (Client) similar to the final user that orders translation requests and pays for them via the interface.

STEP 3 - Use our free Dummy Translation server

When your application communicates with the idioma Sandbox testing ground, all translation requests are served automatically with instant replies from a Dummy Translation server. Instead of a real translation, this system returns the same text as that submitted but with the 2 initial letters in every word replaced with a 2-letter language code.

The advantage is that you can immediately see if the text was translated or not, and more importantly into which language. This allows you to quickly determine if the system has translated text into e.g. Turkish, and not Hungarian.

The following routine implements dummy translation for a given word and a target language:

  string ModifyWord(string word, string targetLanguage)
      if (!word.ContainsAnyLetter() || word.Length < 5)
          return word;

      return targetLanguage + word.Substring(2);

Where word.Substring(2) for any word with 5 characters or more returns the same word with its first two characters replaced. For example, the word "driver", translated into Czech, is modified to "csiver", while the word "bus" is left intact since it contains less than 5 characters.

Create new Sandbox account NOW!

STEP 4 - Get and use the Stream API Demo Application

Once you have installed this utility, it is easy to determine the possible outcome together with previous statuses and operation. Use it also to verify and test the responses from the idioma server.


STEP 5 - Upgrade your Sandbox Account to Live Mode

Once you have tested and debugged your interface and are sure everything is working as expected, you are ready to go Live.
You should now register yourself as an idioma partner (see more about the idioma partner program). As our partner, you will get access to account system for setting up new clients and tracking their activities. The account system will show important information such as current and past orders, invoices submitted to clients and your commissions.

Upgrade to partner status

STEP 6 - Release the application to the real End Client

Once you have been registered as an idioma partner, you can finally register your system.

You should then switch your Stream API plug-in from Sandbox mode to Live Production mode, and pair it to idioma server on behalf of one or more clients that you serve.

That's how it works – Enjoy your development!

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