Free CMS plug-ins

Currently, free plug-ins are available for WordPress and Drupal. You are welcome to install, test, use and if needed modify these plug-ins. Both plug-ins can be set to work in our test environment (Sandbox) or to real production mode.

As a developer, you are of course welcome to develop your own solutions, either by modifying the plug-ins we offer or by creating your own based on the Stream API interface.

idioma free plug-in for WordPress (download)

WordPress admin and user guide (download)

 idioma free plugin for Drupal 7(download)

Drupal admin and user guide (download)

Development tools

This application is a step-by-step interactive guide that explains the full lifecycle of a typical translation request for web page content. It suggests all possible “next steps”, and since it communicates with the real Stream API server, it displays an immediate response to each call from the developer.

Stream API test application (download)

Stream API test application - developer’s guide (download)

Useful libraries

sNotes Javascript library - for proofreading

The idioma free plug-ins have built-in support for proofreading of pre-published pages. Using special sNotes, the proofreader can comment on specified web pages using a call-out styled commenting feature.
See GitHub for more details and example codes.

PHP library OAuth authentication

See GitHub for more details and examples.

PHP library for communication with idioma world system

See GitHub for more details and examples.

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