Translation memory creation

What is a translation memory?

A translation memory (TM or TRM) is a database of text segments (sentences, text fragments, etc.) that have already been translated. Having access to a memory and a glossary speeds up the translation process and reduces your costs.

Creating translation memories

We can create bilingual text memories for you to allow reuse of identical and similar text segments in future translation projects. The bilingual text memory will be delivered to you as a .tmx file, unless you need a different file format. With a translation memory as a base, translation of your documents will go faster, become cheaper and text in your documentation will become more consistent.

Alignment of multi-language DTP files and PDF documents

Our in-house developed TM tools are unique because they do not only align text from common file formats , but also align text you may only have in the form of DTP files, e.g. FrameMaker or InDesign.

Updating translation memories

Even if you do have a translation memory, it may have been outdated and not include all additions, changes, etc. that your published documents have undergone. Instead of trying to update your memory and performing TM maintenance, we have a smarter and much quicker way to keep your TM up to date. Simply send us your original and translated DTP files and idioma’s professional translators will create bilingual text files that can be copied into your existing translation memory to update it.

Stay on top of quality

Together with every project that we deliver, we can include an analysis through our QA service to inform you of possible errors, such as number mistakes, untranslated text, text consistency, glossary misuse, etc. This is a convenient way to ensure your translation memory (TM) data is free from errors.

Various output formats

We can save bilingual text segments in different formats, such as TMX, native Trados, or the standardized Xliff format. This will ensure that the output is useful to you and compatible with the TM systems you use.

Translation memory also from PDF files

If the text in different languages you want to align only exists in PDF format, this is not a problem. We can also align text in editable PDF files, although the synchronization speed is approximately half of that for DTP files.

Get a TM health check

If you are not sure about the current state of your translation memory, we will be happy to check it to identify potential problems. This free check will catch most potential issues. Once done, and with the reported issues in your hand, you can then decide if you want idioma’s professional linguists to correct the errors. To use this service, please contact our project managers.

Translation Memory Creation
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thanks to a bilingual memory created from your existing original and translated documents.
thanks to built-in Quality Assurance.
thanks to built-in detection of language-specific features to pre-align segments.

Translation Memory Creation

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