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  1. Upload material
    You can submit files or enter plain text (or even enter only a word count only, if you just want a quote).
    You can also attach translation memories, glossaries and reference files that will automatically reduce the price and delivery time.
  2. Select languages
    Select from 70+ languages and 5,000+ language combinations. Enjoy unique TransferLanguage™ technology developed by idioma®.
  3. Choose a service
    * MINI EXPRESS – For short, urgent translations (up to 200 words). Delivery within 4 business hours (CET).
    * STANDARD – For standard delivery (200 – 1,000 words: 24 hours; then 2,000 words every 24 hours). 1 translator, 1 reviewer.
    * TEAM – For quicker delivery of large projects. 2 or more translators, 1 reviewer.
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