To use NextDoc, log in to your free idioma WORLD™ account at and click on the NextDoc icon. Follow the online instructions.

NextDoc then presents you with an estimate of the number of words to be newly translated plus, when applicable, the cost and delivery term for your target languages. If you approve the translation estimate, simply upload your DTP files for the other languages and click the Order button.

1. Upload Materials

In the first step you need to:

  • Select the source language.
  • Upload the old & new versions of your source files.
  • Choose a service level. After uploading, the source files are ready for pairing. Click on the orange icon to proceed.

2. Pair Source Files

  • Check the pairing of the new & old source files.
  • Files that match should be on the same line.
  • After matching, check the All files are paired box and click DONE.

3. Choose a Service Level

The Full Service option includes putting markers in your old DTP files where text must be added or deleted. The final translated file with the new text parts will then automatically link to these markers for easy insertion of text.

4. View the Comparison Result

After the files have been compared, you can see how many paragraphs were:

  • Changed
  • Added
  • Deleted together with the total number of modified words.

5. Pair the Target Files

Once Target files have been uploaded, pair them as you did for the source files and click Continue. This will take you to the actual Estimate page.

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