CAT Tools

Terminology applications, post-editing of machine output and compulsory QA certified under the ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 standards.

In-house Development

idioma also operates an in-house development section where programmers innovate and create solutions that help us to manage projects better. These solutions have allowed us to cut costs, they have enabled us to take on more challenging projects, and most importantly they have made us much more efficient. Our developers are also experts at file conversions and assist whenever new file formats arrive to help us work with text in just about any existing format.

Translation Platform (iQube)

iQube is a central hub that hosts all your translation memories, glossaries and customer style sheets. It was designed for maximum flexibility and supports many different file formats, including many bilingual text formats, e.g. SDL Trados, Transit and memoQ.

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Translation Memory Creation (iSync)

Almost all translation done today relies on special software that can detect and re-use text by referencing translation memories. With iSync, if no memory exists for a given project, it is possible to quickly build one by aligning text from existing, published documents.

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Bilingual DTP Files Processor (NextDoc)

Use NextDoc to reuse text from InDesign® & FrameMaker® files. If you know that your new DTP original is similar to an old document, but don’t know what has changed, NextDoc is a perfect option.

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