Bilingual DTP Files Processor (NextDoc)

Use NextDoc to reuse text from InDesign® & FrameMaker® files. If you know that your new DTP original is similar to an old document, but don’t know what has changed, NextDoc is a perfect option.

This service automatically detects what has changed between your new and old documents. It allows you to easily implement the same changes in other language versions thanks to perfect mark-up that clearly shows where to insert new text and what text to replace/delete in your target document. Also, you can save big on DTP work since the layout is taken over when you update your files.

All newly translated text can be added to your existing TM; delivery includes a mini TM of the new translation (.tmw, .sdltm, .tmx or .txt).

Automatic DTP files comparison
Mark-up of content changes
No translation memory needed
No proofreading needed

No Proofreading Needed

Because we only reuse text – exactly as it is – from your old translated DTP files in their final version, you can trust text remains unchanged.

  1. This eliminates random reuse of text from a TM whose content is often slightly different, and
  2. It ensures last-minute changes, which often do not exist in the translation memory, are reused and inserted in your new DTP files.

Service Levels

nextdoc guide

  • FREE COMPARISON: Get a free online report of how many words are new, and how many were deleted in your new DTP files compared to the old DTP files.
  • MARKING: Request marking of target DTP file documents; you handle translation and text insertion yourself.
  • FULL: Request idioma to handle the full process of translation and marking of DTP files.
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