Translation Memory Creation (iSync)

Almost all translation done today relies on special software that can detect and re-use text by referencing translation memories. With iSync, if no memory exists for a given project, it is possible to quickly build one by aligning text from existing, published documents.

iSync can read many different file formats and automatically pair text in an original and translated document. This auto alignment process is done by referencing text placement, size, color, etc. Unlike many related products, it also supports PDF files.

High alignment speed
PDF and DTP files support
TMX output format
Exotic file types support

Checking the Alignment

All aligned text is reviewed by native linguists who scroll through all the text segments in the project. They do NOT make corrections in the text, though, but instead:

Obvious formal errors in segments are detected using a built-in QA engine to e.g. warn when numbers do not match, text is in the wrong language, etc. and the linguist can then take appropriate action. The end result is a collection of matching text segments that can be converted to a text memory and used in the translation process. When this text is later reused, it is prudent to check these text segments for correctness and completeness.

iSync flowchart

Input Formats

MS Office, Open Office iSync alignment speed 15,000 words/hour Ouput formats TMX*
FrameMaker (MIF), InDesign (IDML), Xliff, SDXLiff, TTX, TXT, RTF, CSV iSync alignment speed 15,000 words/hour Ouput formats TMX*
PDF iSync alignment speed 7,000-8,000 words/hour Ouput formats TMX*

* The TMX format can be used by all mainstream CAT tools.

Smart Translation Memory Updates

Many times, last-minute corrections are only inserted in source and target language DTP files, while the same content in existing TM memories often is ignored due to lack of time. Instead of manually updating the memory with such corrections, iSync offers a smarter and much quicker way to keep your memory up to date and current with your published documents. Simply use your original and translated DTP files, have our professional translators review it and create bilingual text files that can be copied into your existing translation memory (TM) to update it.

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