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Today, idioma® provide support to many Language Service Providers (LSPs) around the world. A typical LSP usually outsources work to its own translators as a preferred choice, but this is not always possible.

Serving LSPs as a Back-Office

Especially smaller and medium-scale LSPs need someone to turn to when:

  • Suppliers become sick or go on holiday
  • Projects with file formats you cannot handle pop up
  • You experience unexpected peaks in demand for specific languages
  • Your clients start demanding extra quality management
  • Projects are too big with too short deadlines
  • Clients require odd language combinations

Call us in case of an emergency and outsource translation to idioma. We offer a wide range of in-house developed services and solutions to LSPs and translation agencies that improve the workflow and final result. These have enabled us to improve capacity and manage emergencies that other LSPs may face.

international offices
supported file formats
2 000+
native translators
5 000+
language combinations
150 000+
translated words a day
Translation emergency assistance
Ad-hoc linguistic IT solutions
Error-free terminology
60+ supported file formats

Services and Solutions

Our LSP Back-office™ package offers the following services and solutions that you can outsource to in various combinations:

idioma WORLD™ partner account
  • 24/7 access to translation estimates and ordering and private FTP site for file transfers (SSL secured)
  • Tracking of running projects and full invoicing overview
  • Detailed past projects history, including file access
  • Access to idioma's integrated CAT solutions
Translation with 3-level quality assurance at wholesale rates
  • Pre-translation analysis
  • Translation by a native professional linguist
  • Review by a second native professional linguist
  • Thorough internal checks by our QA operators (incl. visual pre-print checks)
Translation quality management
  • ISO 9001/17100/18587-based translation quality reports upon completion of individual projects to ensure full transparency and a track record of the translation process for you and your clients
  • Full access to CrossCheck™, a powerful internal QA tool developed by idioma for your project managers and translation coordinators to run comprehensive checks on delivered files (processing speed of 10,000 words/10 seconds)
  • Access to our translation query service Ask!, which allows your project managers or QA supervisors to directly and easily query our translators about completed translation projects (used terminology, style, etc.).
Creation and maintenance of translation memories and glossaries
  • Creation of TMs and Glossaries (translation resources) from an unlimited range of existing documents
  • Processing of translation resources from PDF files
  • Processing of translation resources from DTP files (InDesign, FrameMaker)
Multilingual DTP file updates and translation (without TMs)
  • Access to NextDoc™, our internal tool for comparing pre-print DTP files. Use to determine what text has changed between two different document versions, then easily translate and apply to other language versions.
  • 3 service levels available, from basic source comparison to full update of translation including DTP mark-up in source and target files
Premium aftercare
  • Support of text amendments
  • Provision of style guides for translation
  • Dedicated project management support 7 days a week (from 7 to 22:00 CET)
Internal development department and IT support
  • Complex IT support for all your projects
  • 100% success rate of conversion and processing incompatible file formats since 1980

Unusual Languages and Rare Combinations

With a very large pool of specialist translators and experienced linguists, idioma® offers support for many languages often considered difficult by others. Thanks to the central location of our production center in Europe and our extensive experience, we offer outstanding coverage of all European languages including Scandinavian. With our head office in Japan, we also support many Asian languages. While we have chosen to specialize on technical translation, our supplier base also includes specialist translators in many other fields.

Time Zones Work for Us

To support LSPs in other time zones, our translation ordering service Stream is available 24/7 where you can request estimates online and place orders for projects you want to go ahead with. When placing orders online, you get instant action on your requests together with exact delivery terms and the best prices we can offer. Additionally, our online ordering service supports pre-translation and CAT processes, allowing you to upload glossaries, text memories, etc. and consider these resources in your instant translation estimates.

Wholesale Rates

Thanks to an impressive volume of scale, we offer highly competitive rates. We apply the industry-standard TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process in all our deliveries, and we handle all common file formats, including various TM projects.

Grow with Us

We already work with many Language Service Providers around the world. We offer LSPs a highly competitive option to manage translation projects. Do not miss business opportunities just because you lack suppliers or are dealing with difficult language combinations.

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