Translation Memory & Glossary Creation

Translation Memories & Glossaries are a cornerstone and modern approach in professional, human translation. These translation resources save time and money as they allow reuse of identical and similar text segments in future translation projects.

We can process and create bilingual text memories and glossaries for you from most common file formats, including PDF and DTP formats such as FrameMaker® and InDesign®. After we convert the text into bilingual translation memories, we will deliver it to you as .tmx files or any other desired format.

Reduced translation costs
Multilingual content consistency
60+ processed file formats
Accurate terminology

Files Processing & Formatting

Handling the wide range of file formats in the industry, from basically any word processor and spreadsheet format to presentation applications, PDFs and complex DTP files, is routine for us. We also accept assignments in various bilingual file formats, such as Trados, MemoQ, Transit, etc.

If we do not work with the file format by default (check the default file formats here), we are still able to deal with it. Programmers from our in-house development department can produce filters that enable us to process virtually any file format. We maintain a 100% success rate in data conversion to adapt file formats to suit our translation systems.

Glossary Creation for Accurate Terminology

Every language, every industry and every company use specific expressions and terminology that should be used properly to give the right meaning and consistency to the translated documents (which is crucial especially for exporters). To achieve this, we can build new glossaries from scratch based on your existing multilingual documents, and we can expand your existing glossaries with more terms and more languages.

Translation Memory Health Check & Maintenance

If you do have translation resources in place already, but you have doubts about the current state of your translation memory, we will be happy to check it to identify potential problems. It is very common that translation memories get outdated and unsynchronized with current documents. Even if you have gone to the effort of creating a translation memory, it may not include all the changes your published documents have undergone. A health check of your translation resources involves a review of your text content, and cleaning up and updating text segments if errors are found. We are experts at this, and the Health Check will catch most potential issues. Once done, and with the reported issues in hand, you can then decide if you want idioma’s professional linguists to correct detected errors. To use this service, please contact our project managers.

Check our TM wiki - All you need to know about translation memories.

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