Translation Quality Management

Our quality assurance (QA) solutions such as QA Reports, continuously updated default style guides, and QA tools for translation project managers and end users ensure high and viable translation quality.

All our translation quality management solutions are based on the requirements in international quality norms, including ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587, and they have been optimized over decades of experience. With the impact of machine translation and automation upon the translation industry, translation quality management and associated checks are an absolute must.

QA reports every translation project
Certified quality of translation processes
Default style guides for translation
Convenient quality feedback service

Comprehensive QA Reports

These ISO 9001/17100/18587 based translation quality reports can be optionally generated for each translation project we undertake. They include information as well as comments and recommendations from our native translators on 4 critical areas:

  • Dismissed glossary proposals
  • Ignored fuzzy matches
  • Unused exact matches
  • Glossary recommendations

We can inform you about inconsistent text segments, e.g. due to different context, use and non-use of glossary entries, changes made in 100% text matches, etc., to ensure full transparency and a valuable track record of the translation process for you (and your clients).

Style Guides for Translation

These are lists with writing rules and locale issues (such as digit grouping, punctuation, tense, etc.), forbidden terms, authoring issues and so forth. They promote consistency in style and terminology. If you don’t have your own, we apply our standard Style Guide. We can also interact with your overseas representatives to e.g. verify whether content is suitable for local markets.

Translation Quality Feedback – Ask! Online

Ask newcrop new21This easy online service allows project managers, QA supervisors and end-users to directly and effortlessly query our professional linguists regarding translated text. With Ask! Online you get prompt replies and clear comments to potential language issues in your documents.

Moreover, you will receive translation memory updates if needed, as the response package contains .tmx, .html, .xlsx and .pdf files.

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