idioma Founded

idioma was established in Tokyo, Japan. Our first clients were in the audio and video industry.



First Europe Office

Because of growing volumes, we set up an overseas production office in Stockholm, Sweden, to increase our supplier base.



Belgium Office

With the advent of the EU and open markets, we inaugurated an office in Brussels, Belgium.


Prague Production Center

We had early visions of East Europe and a lower cost base. As a result, we reorganized our European operations to create a production center in Prague, Czech Republic, right in the center of Europe.


idioma Traffic Control System

Introduction of our Traffic Control system (TC), an Intranet solution that enables all our offices to manage and monitor projects from anywhere in the world.


In-house IT Development Established

With the fast development in computers and hardware, we started to invest in in-house development, employing our own programmers.


Launch of CrossCheck®

Introduction of CrossCheck®, an online service that allows users to perform Quality Assurance of translated text against the original text.


Launch of iQube

Launch of our iQube translation platform (compatible with most existing TM systems) to drastically boost translation volumes and reduce lead times while at the same time taking Quality Assurance to a completely new level.


Stream Translation Estimator

Launch of the improved Stream estimator – a 24/7 online service providing free translation estimates, including fuzzy matching when individual TMs are uploaded. Stream is ideal for overseas clients in different time zones.


Top LSP Ranking

Ranked in TOP 30 Asian (#18) and TOP 5 Japanese LSPs by CSA Research.


NextDoc, ISO 17100 Certified

Launch of NextDoc, a handy service for updating multilingual DTP files. idioma acquires ISO 17100 certification for its translation quality management. Ranked again in TOP 30 Asian and TOP 5 Japanese LSPs by CSA Research.


ISO 9001 and ISO 18587 Certified

In addition to being certified against the ISO 17100 translation quality management standard, we obtained certification under the ISO 9001 standard for quality management as well as ISO 18587 for post-editing of machine translation output. Ranked again in TOP 30 Asian and TOP 5 Japanese LSPs by CSA Research.

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