Our Philosophy

Quality, Cost and Speed are the three main factors to consider in the translation process.

While emphasizing Quality in translation as our general mission, our focus in our development efforts has been to reduce Cost and increase Speed in the process.

Our services and deliveries conform to the DIN EN ISO 17100 as well as the DIN ISO 18587 standard. Our entire company’s quality management is ISO 9001 certified by TÜV SÜD. We can also deliver documentation in accordance with metric-based quality systems, such as the J2450, developed by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) in the United States. As further proof of our professional standing, we are a member of several prominent translation associations and an Adobe Partner company.

We guarantee a completely different quality dimension on your translation projects even when working with large volumes and short deadlines. Every project we handle is translated by one native translator and verified by a second native translator in accordance to the ISO 17100 standard. For short delivery terms, we can set up translator teams to handle your projects.

Since several years back, we employ software developers in-house to improve existing systems and develop new ones. Instead of investing in often expensive commercial solutions, undertaking software development ourselves has allowed us to tailor solutions to fit our needs – and those of our clients. This has proven a successful move that has resulted in several stand-alone solutions to promote our business.

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