Our Setup

Since most of the languages we work in are European, we operate a production center in Prague, Czech Republic, right in the middle of Europe. Here projects are prepared, continuously tracked, and finalized.

We work with more than 2,000 translators across the world, who are professional linguists with extensive experience, an eye for detail and specialization in specific fields. Also, a full-scale DTP department handles requests for layout work and, together with our IT department, deals with file conversion issues. This enables us to offer high quality translation and quick turn-around in over 70 languages and more than 5,000 language pairs.

With a worldwide customer base and innovative technologies, we have developed a volume of scale that is hard to match, mainly in technical translation. Thanks to this, we can trim costs in production – savings that we pass on to all our clients, for example in the form of no minimum fees in case of express translation projects.

Upon the start of a new project, our project managers query client history to identify matching documents from which we can reuse text, copy instructions and apply preferred style sheets. We learn from all your projects, and you save time on not having to send standard instructions over and over again.

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