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Translation ordering: Stop drowning in emails

Translation ordering: Stop drowning in emails

You need to translate a document. You write an email with the request to your translation agency. Then another one, because the project manager has issues with your document, and you then end up writing a third one to approve or negotiate the estimated price and delivery term. After the project has started you realize your forgot to attach a glossary or reference material, and you end up emailing yet again. Each mail message naturally involves delays on both sides and attention diversion. Besides they unnecessarily fill up in your inbox.

Eventually, because of this communication ping-pong, the actual launch of your translation project gets postponed by hours, possibly even days. And you of course realize you are wasting time and effort on an issue that should be so simple, not to mention your translation could have already been halfway done.



The answer to straightforward requests for translation estimates and subsequent order placement is automation and the concept of self-service. Think about an online solution that is globally available 24/7. It should allow upload of all the materials to be translated in dozens of supported file formats at any time of day. You could attach your translation resources (e.g. glossaries, translation memories, style guides, etc.) and the estimation would even respect text reuse from fuzzy matches and repeating segments to reduce cost and delivery time. You would choose the source language and select  the target languages needed. A checkbox for express delivery would be the icing on the cake. All the email hassle and endless waiting for estimates from your translation agency would be gone, instead replaced by a simple button click. You know you could have an estimate in less than a minute. To place your order, you would click an Order button and the translation shuold start at that very moment.

Time saved on both sides, all projects in one place. Where to get it? 


This level of self-service is provided via Stream – our state-of-the-art estimator platform designed to reduce the time for getting translation price offers and start translation projects instantly through online ordering. 

Check out and see the difference :)

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