Post-editing of Machine Translation (MTPE)

As a complement to our human translation services, since 2015 idioma also offers Post Editing of machine-translated content (MTPE). This allows faster turn-around and savings on translation costs.

For documents with a rigid structure and where the demands on fluency in translation are not as strict, post editing of text pre-translated by machines is a conceivable option. Translators can work faster because instead of typing the translated text from scratch, they can instead correct and edit mistakes and inaccuracies in machine-translated proposals.

Faster turnaround
30% cost savings
11 languages covered
ISO 18587:2017 certified

MTPE is especially suitable for

Technical Manuals

Spare Parts Catalogs


MTPE vs. Human Translation

Compared to standard human translation, post-edited machine-translated text often has sentence structures that closely follow the original source text (typically from English). This can cause the translation to sound unnatural, although the content is the same and understandable to the reader.The text fragments below are some samples of how post-edited text differs from human translation:

Language CombinationOriginalPost edited MTHuman translation
JP-EN してはいけない内容です。 Action that should not be carried out. Prohibited action.
EN-SV When you are not using the 45 rpm adaptor, keep it in its storage hole. När du inte använder 45 varsadaptern, behåll den i sitt förvaringshål. Förvara 45-varvspucken i förvaringshålet när du inte använder den.
EN-DE This process is universal for all brackets Dieser Prozess ist universell für aller Klemmen Die gleiche Methode ist für die Befestigung aller Klemmen anwendbar.
EN-FR If the code is entered incorrectly a second time, the unit will be blocked for approx. one hour. Si le code est entré incorrectement une deuxième fois, l’appareil sera bloqué pendant environ une heure. Après deux saisies erronées du code, l’appareil se verrouille pendant environ une heure.
EN-DA Direction of movement Retning af bevægelse Bevægelsesretning

MTPE has limitations, for example

It does not fit all document types

Copywriting and creative texts do not translate well

Machine translation quality for “minor” languages is poor

ISO-certified MTPE in the 10 most common European languages

Today, we cover combinations from English to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Polish, and Russian (other languages and combinations will be added gradually as subject-specific text resources grow).

Our Post Editors and MTPE service have been certified according to our ISO 18587:2017 accreditation from DIN CERTCO in Germany (Registration No. RI004).
To remain ISO-compliant, one native translator closely checks and corrects the machine-translated text, while another native translator performs an independent review of the result to make sure the text is free from errors. Both linguists use mandatory QA checks in this process, while internally a third QA round is applied to ensure correct content.

How MTPE works

The post editing process works as follows:

  1. Pre-translation against the client's existing translation memory to reuse as much text as possible.
  2. Pre-translation of remaining text against idioma's Technical text corpus to ensure relevancy of text content.
  3. Any remaining text is translated against commercial paid-for MT services.

We also accept already pre-translated and MT content from clients.To learn more about this service, please contact our sales staff or coordinators.

MTPE source text essentials

Avoid long sentences

Write clearly and to the point

Avoid unfamiliar abbreviations

MTPE upgrades

To further decrease your translation outlays and maximize your investment in our MTPE service, we strongly recommend the following:

Build more translation memories

idioma can align text from e.g. existing PDF files to quickly build customized translation memories, when you know existing documents are relevant to a new project. This type of alignment can produce around 10–20,000 words/hour, making it an affordable and attractive option.

Build glossaries

If you do not have glossaries in place already, it is possible to create them based on existing versions of your documents. When glossaries are applied in machine translation, glossary terms take priority over machine-proposed terms, automatically adapting text to your preferred terminology.

If you wish to order a project in MTPE mode, please contact our project managers.

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