What's the Big Deal with CAT Tools Anyway?

Oct 31, 2023

The advancement of AI has accelerated machine translation capabilities causes a tremor in the translation industry. Some language executives have been shaken but when you look at the situation closely you can see the demand for high-quality translations has never been higher. The translation/localization market continues to increase yearly and professional translators must be on the constant look out for the next technology to not lose their edge against the machine. CAT tools are the weapon of choice for professional translators to hone their craft increasing quality, consistency, accuracy, and productive. But what is the big deal about CAT tools anyway? What are the advantages of having a CAT tool? CAT tools provide many features enhancing translators capabilities to adapt to the translation industry which is continuing to evolve. Here are some advantages of having a CAT tool under your belt.

Efficiency: Optimization Trumps Speed

CAT tools increased efficiency like never before. Not only working faster but more accurately. CAT tools can streamline the translation process from beginning to end. For example, utilizing TM (Translation Memory), file input/output, glossary management, and quality control. Traditionally translators had to manage everything manually but today CAT tools automate these critical tasks providing translators the time to focus on the craft of translation. Translators can be mindful of the nuances and intricacies of content creation rather than being fatigued with time consuming manual labor.

Consistency: Terminology Management at Its Finest

Unifying terminology consistently is an arduous and daunting task. Imagine translating a mass of voluminous documents. It becomes a nightmare if it had to be done manually. Fear not CAT tools are able to sift through these documents with Translation Memory neatly storing previous translations into segments. These segments are identified as matches. The level of the match determines the degree in which it can be reused. For example, perfect matches and 100% matches are previous translations which are identical. Then there are partial matches which are called fuzzy matches. Translators check these phrases and freely use them at their disposal. Translators can use previous translations without searching through documents manually. This guarantees a high level of consistency throughout the translation project. Glossaries are another feature in CAT tools which translators can utilize to unify terminology that is project specific. As an added feature translators can also create their own glossaries as they work by listing recurring special terminology. Terminology management ensures accurate translation effectively. Translators can save time on unification since it will become automatic. Double-checking terminology becomes easy as well because CAT tools can detect mismatches with QA which is included. A glossary term can be used, checked, and corrected easily with a CAT tool.

Nothing Says It Better Than Customization

CAT tools are highly customizable and gives translators the capability to repurpose translation, create glossaries, and adjust user interfaces to their liking. Each translation project is specific and sometimes a cookie cutter approach doesn’t fit causing friction. There are many CAT tools in the market and finding the optimal CAT tool is sometimes difficult. Doing research and testing many solutions is your best bet. Ideally you should find the CAT tool which fits your work style and budget best.

Anything Is Easy If You Work Together

CAT tools can be a beacon of seamless communication allowing multiple translators to work together. Source documents, glossaries, TM, feedback, quality control, and many other features are shared simultaneously creating the ideal environment for collaborative work. Translation projects involving multiple translators, proofreaders, and editors have never been easier. Thanks to effective collaboration we are not lost in translation. All tasks are tracked meticulously, and every translator is aligned together creating the optimal environment for translation even in the case of complex projects with tight deadlines.

Save For the Future

TM gives you the ability to save on cost, increase efficiency, optimize project management, and provide quality control in return accelerates revenue while reducing expenses. While you can’t deny CAT tools have an upfront cost and an initial learning curve, it is guaranteed to be a positive investment. CAT tools are a friendly ally to the professional translator with its cost-effectiveness and handiness being beneficial in the long run. Industry standards like Trados or Phrase provide impressive functionality but comparably are expensive solutions which many translators have trouble affording. For struggling linguists Doc3™ is a viable option being a free CAT tool for professional translators. It is both highly functional, providing unlimited storage supporting all standard translation file formats.

What About Quality Control?

Most CAT tools come with integrated quality control features. There are a variety of checks such as spelling, numbers, symbols, grammar, glossary, and consistency checks which are included. Quality checks can be done during and after the translation process. Quality control is a measure taken to guarantee your final translation is error-free which is professional. Quality Assurance applications like CrossCheck® are integrated into CAT tools and some work independently via web browser. CrossCheck® is natively integrated into Doc3™, and has an API plugin to Trados Studio.

CAT Tools Are a Big Deal

A CAT tool is not just an accessory but a necessity for the modern translator. The CAT tool is paramount to maintain consistency, boost efficiency, guarantee quality and accuracy at optimal speed. Translation is ever more competitive and traditional methods simply don’t cut it anymore. Simply saying you can provide good translation is not enough. You must keep up with the Jones leveraging the latest technologies to deliver.

Doc3™ helps deliver results in the fast pace evolving translation industry. Embrace the CAT tool for professional translators to stay ahead with innovation at your fingertips. Meet the modern world head on with the magic of technology and human mastery, enabling translators with new opportunities to survive in the competitive landscape. Whether you’re a veteran translator or a novice, choose the right CAT tool for you. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

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