Prague summer vistas and idioma

Prague summer vistas and idioma

This July was a real Sahara in Prague. To relieve the working tension and to make a little team photoshoot, the (almost) entire Prague production center of idioma took a little walk to a nearby park called Sacre Coeur. 

With everyone wearing their Christmas present from idioma — a branded t-shirt with custom letters on the back — we enjoyed a little fun playing a large-scale human multilingual Scrabble :) 

...just a "random" chat :)

IMG 1657IMG 1657IMG 1657

 JO... (= yeah)IMG 1657

JSME IDIOMA! (= We are idioma!)IMG 1657

idioma and Prague landmarks, including the National theatre, Old Town hall with the famous astronomical clock called "Orloj" as well as Zizkov tower.IMG 1657

Summer greetings from idioma Prague!IMG 1657

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