Never walk alone – 3 ways of expanding with idioma

Jun 25, 2015

Cooperation. The fundamental pillar of our civilization and a vital factor of evolution at any level. Through cooperation and partnership, we share and improve and build synergistic effects that are beneficial to everyone. Even competition and cooperation do not exclude each other in a developed business environment. idioma's core processes are based on international cooperation and mutual respect, and we feel it as our mission to bridge the differences in culture and business via languages by applying a cooperative approach. OurPartner program is a case in point.

Friends from the translation industry

Even in today's competitive environment, its important to find efficient ways of mutual thriving and progressive development. That is why we offer our partners something that can't be supplemented by any investment – 35 years of professional experience in the translation industry. With our in-house developed CAT tools, vast TM resources, a world-wide network of translators and coverage of 70+ languages, we are able to offer our partners from other translation agencies attractive rates, and often for uncommon language pairs. With our 24/7 online cloud solutions for both clients and translators, we are capable of deliveries within 4 hours and help our colleagues from other translation agencies and language service providers to always meet tight deadlines. Sounds too good? Find out more here :)

Effective agents with sales drive

Language service providers are just one of many who can benefit from a partnership with idioma. Having good sources of business is just as vital as the core professional capability. If you have contacts and a network, sales talent and drive, you're just the one we want to be friends with. Efficient mediators can develop interesting business concepts that build on our services and solutions, whether in passive or active mode. Dear 007s, look here to learn more.

Innovative web entrepreneurs – unite with us!

Not a translator, not a star salesperson? Doesn't matter, we'd like to be friends anyway, because we simply love web developers! You build websites full of content that's just begging to get translated... With our API solution, you can profit from the upsell and earn commissions with very little effort whenever your clients need translation. We encourage web developers to take our API and build up on it, then offer customized and state-of-the art integration of a localization module in different CMS and server systems. So team up with us – you code, we translate, your customers sell more, and together we earn! More about our translation API and developers' partnership here!